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Alternative Provision
Alternative Key Stage 4 Provision is an educational provision for pupils from Years 9 to 11 who are not accessing mainstream education for a variety of reasons.

What is Alternative Key Stage 3 Provision?

Alternative Key Stage 3 Provision is educational provision for pupils in Years 9 to 11 who are experiencing difficulties accessing mainstream education.

These are the main reasons for choosing Alternative Provision:
  • The pupil's key talents are not being developed through the national curriculum. Alternative Provision recognizes that we are all individuals with different strengths and weaknesses and that mainstream education is not for everyone.
  • The pupil has had one or more fixed-term exclusions and is considered to be at risk of permanent exclusion from School. Alternative Provision is a strategy to avoid permanent exclusion for pupils and to encourage inclusion in education.
  • The pupil has not been attending School regularly for whatever reason, and is therefore unlikely to achieve GCSEs. Alternative Provision offers a different setting with a broader choice of subjects for pupils which may encourage attendance.
  • The pupil is on the Off Roll register awaiting a Centre place. Alternative Provision gives pupils a chance to engage in education while they are waiting for a school place to become available.
What are the advantages of the Alternative Provision?
  • Pupils can choose from a variety of educational options, including core GCSEs, vocational training & qualifications, and practical skills that lead to jobs.
  • Pupils are given a greater degree of flexibility in what and how they learn.
  • Pupils are given more independence and are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves.
  • Pupils who are doing what they enjoy often find they are more motivated to attend class and achieve good results in their chosen subject area. Doing well promotes higher self-esteem.
  • Pupils who are referred by a school remain on roll with that School and the School funds their place in alternative provision. The School remains ultimately responsible for the pupil, and the offer of alternative provision shows a commitment by the School to an inclusive approach to the pupilís education.
At the Independent Learning Centre we offer a range of courses which include specialist areas (ESOL, business, music, drama, art) to GCSE or key skills classes, and are available to Walsall Residents in Year 9, 10 and 11 who seek an alternative to mainstream education.

Courses are offered according to need, availability and after consultation with agencies involved with the family.

For Further Information Please Contact
The Alternative Provision Department, Manor Farm Community Association,
Mountrath House, 1st Floor, Caldmore road, Walsall, West Midlands, WS1 3NQ
Kirit Patel | Director of Exclusions & Alternative Provision
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